Sackville Heights Elementary School

School Closure Information

School Closure: When a school closure is called due to inclement weather, information will be provided by HRCE through radio/text/website as to whether one of the following will occur for our Family of Schools (We are the Millwood Family):

A delayed start: this will mean that schools start 2 hours later than the usual start time (for SHES, instruction would begin at 10:30 AM)

An early dismissal: this will mean that schools dismiss 2 hours earlier than the usual dismissal time (for SHES, dismissal would begin at 12:30 PM)

A school cancellation: No Classes

*Students will not be dismissed early from school until parents/guardians have been contacted.

*Students can ONLY be picked up from school by those listed in powerschool, based on information provided by parents/guardians. Please remember to keep this information up to date for your family. Students are NOT released to those listed as 'emergency contacts' unless directions have been provided to the school and recorded in powerschool. Emergency contacts are for the purposes of a phone call during an emergency, only if parent/guardians cannot be reached.